Creating shareable file links using FileZoomer

March 9, 2011

Being able to share your files is one of the reasons to store them in the Amazon S3 cloud.  Amazon offers different ways of sharing those files and we’re taking advantage of them, in a really easy to use way, using FIleZoomer. We’re building in two different types of link building into File Zoomer. The [...]

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A logo winner – at least for now

February 28, 2011

We have decided on a version of the third logo in the previous post, with a smaller image and no drop shadow as the “current” winner in the logo contest.  First prize is the satisfaction of a job well done.  Second prize is the same, just not quite as much satisfaction.  The current winner is now in use [...]

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Some different logo options we’re considering

February 26, 2011

We’re just starting to play around with differnt logos and we’ve got two that we’re torn between right now.  If you have a strong feeling either way let me know by leaving the information in the comments or by emailing me at steve at Here is option one: Here is option two: Here is [...]

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FileZoomer – Coming Attractions

February 24, 2011

FileZoomer is being developed to provide a much more user friendly way of managing files in your Amazon S3 account.  FileZoomer will allow fast easy uploads of files, as well as providing the ability to move files between different S3 buckets within your account. We’re just beginning to test the product in house and will [...]

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