FileZoomer Public Beta Available for Download

FileZoomer™ is the easy way of using Amazon S3 to store your files.  If you have or are considering an Amazon S3 account that you’re using for file storage check out FileZoomer.  The current version of the beta software is available for immediate download and you can register as a beta tester and download the software by clicking the download tab above.

We think the latest version of the product, released in December 2012, is still extremely easy to use and helps to bring “Simple” back into the “Simple Storage Service” that S3 was intended to be, while at the same time offering advanced features like Versioning, Object Life Cycle, and Batch Processing.  (See a list of new features below the image)

  The beta .9 release includes the following functionality:

We’d be most interested in hearing your thoughts on FileZoomer, and what you’d like to see added to the product..