Beta Version 0.9 Add S3 Lifecycle, Versioning, Glacier, Batch Processing

by Steve

The newest version of FileZoomer Adds support for several new Amazon Web Services S3 capabilities, including:

Object Life Cycle: specify that files be deleted or moved to low-cost AWS Glacier storage after a set number of days or after a certain date.

Versioning: Turned on at the bucket level, versioning means that even if you upload multiple updates to a file all previous versions are saved. The newest version shows up as usual, but if you right-click the file and “show versions” all the prior versions will be displayed, and they can then be downloaded.

It’s important to know that with the current version of S3 these two features — Object Life Cycle and Versioning — are mutually exclusive. If you turn on Versioning you can’t also use Life Cycle rules, and if you are using Life Cycle you can’t turn on Versioning.

The new version of FileZoomer also includes a Batch Processing option. After interactively defining a batch process using “File…Batch Configuration”, you can later initiate that process in FileZoomer with “File…Run Batch”. This makes it easy, for instance, to update a folder and its contents with all new and updated files since the last time the batch upload was run.

Using a pure batch processing version of the filezoomer java “jar” file, along with a configuration file you have created interactively, you can also do things like schedule an unattended run of an upload job.

For more details on these new features see the individual posts for Object Life Cycle, Versioning, and Batch Processing..

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